Specialising in the Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment of All Types of Heavy Plant Machinery.

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Brian Nugent

Electrical Repair

Specialising in electrical fault finding & troubleshooting using computer diagnostics for calibration of all machines including Caterpillar components.

Mechanical Repair

All Mechanical Repair. Specialising in Powertrain Transmissions, Wheel & Brake Stations, Differentials & Engine Rebuilds.

Hydraulic Repair

All hydraulic repair including hydraulic calibration and testing of manufacturers specifications. Testing of hydraulic pumps.

Caterpillar . Komatsu . Volvo

All Electrical Mechanical & Hydraulic repairs, mantainance & refurbishment.

On Site & Off Site Repairs.

Computer Diagnostics

System checing for all electrical systems & functions.

All Repairs

All mechanical repairs and compnent rebuilds.

Hydraulic Systems

Testing, mantainance & repairs.